Our Mission, Vision & Approach

  • Our mission

    To assist our clients With all their Type Approval projects.

  • Our vision

    To be a reference of Consulting Company in the Type Approval Field.

  • Our approach to project

  • Follow-up on communications
    We acknowledge receipt of your emails and follow up with your requests.
    We give you complete and quick information based on your request.
    We meet deadlines or inform you in advance of any circumstances that could cause delays.
  • Meeting our clients’ expectations
    We are driven by a value of strengthening existing and new relationships.
    That is why we are continuously evaluating all our practices.
  • Professionalism
    We share strictly professional relationships with regulatory agencies.
    We collaborate with a network of professionals in the Type Approval Field nationally and internationally.
  • We make you save Money and Time
  • We give you a stress free experience

Contact us at +27 788 915 683 or submit a business inquiry online.