Who are we ?

Telecommunications Approval Services South Africa (TASSA) is a Consulting Company based in South Africa. It focus mainly on assisting Manufacturers, Laboratories, and other Consultants in obtaining their Type Approval Certificates.

It’s all began in 2014 :

When we saw the need of local consulting companies operating in the Type Approval field, able to provide their clients with quality services. Issues on regulations stemming from vibrant developping economies can sometimes be complexed.
South Africa for instance, present a dynamic picture of regulatory Type Approval environment. Within this scope, people living overseas, wishing to get theirs goods certified will need a locally based Type Approval representative. Not only because they can provide you with the right information, but also they can directly follow up with the person from regulatory agency in charge of our clients’projects.

Contact us at +27 788 915 683 or submit a business inquiry online.