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 Prices have been updated since 1 July by the NCC in the application for approval. This change takes into account certain categories of equipment.

South Africa

 Local importer is mandatory in South Africa for the NRCS submission.  

Botwsana/News about BOCRA

BOCRA has published public notice for type approval renewal process cessation. As matter of fact, certificates will be issued with no expiry dates. This provision has been in force since last July 30 and is applicable to all.

FREQUENT QUESTION Expired Certificate what can be done? Customers can apply for a permanent certificate.

What about the certificates that will expire soon ? Clients must apply 3 months before the expiration date in order to obtain a permanent certificate.

What If the equipment undergoes some modifications which could impact the tests (EMC, SAFETY, STANDARDS) ?

In such case, if change in the equipment arise the customer will require a new type approval certificate.

Update - Nigeria

Due to covid-19 crisis , NCC are working following this planning : Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 9am to 2pm. And visits are not allowed. The agency is still not working at full strength, as a large part of its workforce is still at home.

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